What We Do Before We Paint | League Painting
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What We Do Before We Paint

What We Do Before We Paint

League Painting is the expert in the field. Our residential and commercial painting expertise spans for over 50 years, whether that be the interior or exterior complex of a home or commercial property. We would like to assure you how we conduct our paint projects to preserve your home from mess and making essential repairs to your home for optimum quality done right the first time. Here is what every client should know before we paint.


We move all large furniture and breakables

Before we begin any project, we like to move furniture in the space so as not to damage any household items. If there are breakable items and beloved pieces in the room, we also remove them to respect your space and personal tastes.


Cover the furniture

Furniture that is still left in the room (ie an armoire or a couch), we cover it in a plastic cover to ensure your furniture is left intact and spotless. We would hate if your furniture were soiled, so we cover your furniture to keep it how it was before the project began.


To remove or not to remove nails

Part of our protocol at League Painting is to repair your walls, like patching up a hole for a smooth applicable surface and even take out nails and patch those holes up for a flat pristine surface. In essence, we pull nails you want patched and leave the ones you don’t. Just keep in place the nails you’d like to keep before our team of painting professionals arrive and we’ll be sure they stay.


While we are painting

Our method of protecting your floors goes past the traditional canvas cover, which paint can seep through. Instead we use what is call Triple Bytule Back Rubber Mats. These mats are safer than canvas and don’t slide while standing on them. In taking care of your home, we also cover any vents you have, whether that be on the floor, wall, or ceiling, allowing for a safe environment for everyone living in the home.


Choose League Painting as your interior or exterior home painting professional. You will feel renewed in your home with fresh paint and smiling professionals to help you with your ideal image. We know paint, and the type of paint that will work best for you and your home, you just choose the color. All in all we will treat your home with respect, as if it were our own home.

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